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All our services are performed using the finest professional ingredients.  Our main retail line is Image Skincare.

Custom Facials 

At your first appointment, we will perform a full skin consultation and help you choose the facial and product regimen best-suited to your goals.

Purifying   $100

Illuminating   $100

Vitamin C  $100

Max Stem Cell  $115

Chemical Peels

Skin-resurfacing procedures reveal smoother, younger-looking skin.  Sold in packages of 3 for best results. 

Ormedic Lift $125  or 3 for $300 

Signature Lift   $150  or 3 for $360

Lightening Lift   $125  or  3 for $300

Wrinkle Lift   $150 or 3 for $360

Acne Lift   $150 or 3 for $360

Perfection Lift $225 or 3 for $540

TCA Orange Peel $400



Simultaneously removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face leaving the skin soft and smooth. 

One Hour Dermaplane with Mask $125

+ Enzyme  $135

+ Peel  $145

Package of 3 treatments would include 

a 20% discount if paid up front.

Laser Genesis

This treatment stimulates the production of collagen and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing!  

Single Session $275

Limelight Therapy 

Also known as a photofacial, this treatment selectively treats the brown and red pigment on your skin.  Best for erasing sun spots and skin damage. 

Single Session $275 

Vein Treatment

LASER VEIN TREATMENT - For spider veins less than 1.5mm on legs or face.  Requires multiple treatments

$150 per 15 minutes


Elimination of veins that measure 1.5 - 4mm via injection of a medication. Requires 3-4 treatments for best results.

Single Session: $150-$400

Package of 4 treatments: $1,200


$13.50 per unit

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